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Last night (June 15) Young Jeezy leaked a song targeting fellow Atlanta rappers Gucci Mane and OJ Da Juiceman.

On the track, titled “24-23,” Jeezy first takes aim at his longtime rival Gucci. “I’m on my Louie shit today/ fuck some Gucci, mane,” he spit. “These niggas still on my dick/ they like some groupies, mane/Can’t keep they lips closed/ they worse than coochies, mane/ And that fruity looking stupid/ like some Coogi, mane/ Let you trick me off these streets/ you must be stupid, mane/ Tell him this ain’t what he want/ not the boy Snow/ But between me and you/ I think the boy slow.”

He then takes aim at Gucci’s friend OJ. “Straight shots to the head, fuck some juice, man,” he added. “Next to real n—-s in the city who got the juice, mane. these n—-s talking bout the work but what they prove, mane. Y’all know these n—-s really clowns but I’m the truth, mane. And this is what you goin’ for then what’s the use, mane. Tell him this ain’t what he want, not the boy Snow. But between me and you, I think them boys slow.”

When reached out to both OJ and Gucci’s management for comment, the current XXL cover stars said: “We not feeding in to that. We getting money.”

The Snowman has a controversial history with Gucci. Back in 2005 Jeezy put out several diss songs against the rapper, claiming he was not paid sufficiently for his appearance on Gucci’s hit single, “So Icey.” Gucci alleged that Jeezy went as far as putting a hit out on him, which many believe lead to Mane killing a man – rumored to be a Jeezy associate – in self-defense. Since ’05 there have been no other incidents between the two rappers.

Ironically all three MCs are set to play two shows together this weekend, 102 Jamz’s SuperJam In North Carolina and Hot 107’s Birthday Bash in A-town. – Elan Mancini

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    Thanks for sharing this info 🙂 Will be linking to your site! Cheers! =)

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