Posted: June 17, 2009 in HOTTEST FREESTYlES ., HOTTEST MUSiC .
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Known for subliminal disses and witty wordplay, Joey rhymed over Jay-Z‘s “Death of Autotune” and made multiple references to Mef.

“N*ggas is scared of the truth/They doing interludes in every interview talking about how they prepared to shoot/How thoughtful, won’t resort to getting near a booth/Thought so, what I do to them is unlawful, boss dude ain’t got a higher up to report to, just giving yourself a bad name/Yakety-yak them threats in fact it’s that lame/If you can’t tell that acts arranged/Think I’m wearing a bulls eye and just all them cats got bad aim/I’ll explain, I’m past real, n*ggas is past phony/Avoid the personal and physical attacks on me/I remain cool, relaxed homie/Brand new, I ain’t got a scratch on me/So what’s your squad gon’ do/Lay a hand on me, I’ll lay a hollow on you/Chain snatch, tap his pockets, take his wallet/Go through every club in New York and pop bottles on you…Got beat up, ignored in school/Signed a deal, n*ggas thought you was cool…Got all them years rapping, nothing else happening/You need a day to day, old heads, with no other way to get paid/They gasping, time-out go take a break from the clay and grab a Gatorade/A bad contract, team can’t make a trade/Majors f*ckin’ you in the a**/You gonna stay a slave…Sh*t is f*cked up and I blame it on the way it was paved/So I’ll chill for the sake of your age/You’re great live, but let me know when that stage get appraised.” (DJ Green Lantern’s OnDaSpot Freestyle)



+ [ CE3 – lOCO0O ]


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