Posted: June 7, 2009 in HOTTEST ARTiClES ., HOTTEST ElECTRONiCS .
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The luxurious home of a true audiophile is never complete without a pair of high-end luxury speakers. The latest entrant into the ever-increasing family of luxury speakers is the Carboton Maitresse from Bärnbach in Austria. The aesthetically pleasing loudspeaker is crafted from monocoque carbon fiber as a seamless structure, which is finished in glossy piano black. You can even opt for the color of your choice. The three-way bass reflex speaker is 1.4m high and is being said to deliver high quality sound. Most of the components, including transducers, socketry, network and wiring are taken from the most prestigious makers. Carbon fiber makes up the sole building block of the hi-tech enclosure. We are short on details for now, but will keep you posted. The Carboton Maitresse luxury speakers are priced at €36,000 (US $50,300) for a pair. 


+ [ CE3 – lOCO0O ]


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